First Snow, Andrew Wyeth, 1959


The first ‘real’ snow of the season fell overnight in south-eastern Pennsylvania.



First Snow, 1959, watercolor on canvas.  Andrew Wyeth,1917-2009,  American.  Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington.

A painting of the farmhouse belonging to neighbours, the Kuerners, of the artist in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.









2 thoughts on “First Snow, Andrew Wyeth, 1959

    1. Yes, thanks!

      You may know that this is one of several studies for Ground Hog Day which is in the Philadelphia Museum of Art who also owns several of these studies.

      Not the least most interesting thing is that this painting is from inside the house looking out through a window. And that these studies are not only about the art but also about physical environment around the view used for Ground Hog Day. One or more study shows Mrs. Kuerner whereas Ground Hog Day has no human or animal.


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