First Sunday in Advent, 2016



A royal mother inclining with her infant, 900 ACE, black chlorite, Pala Dynasty.  India (West Bengal, Assam or Bangladesh.  On loan to the Philadelphia Art Museum in 2016.




Virgin and Child, glazed earthenware, c.1487-1500. Italy, Emilio Romagna or the Marches.  Unknown artisan.  Made for domestic worship.  Philadelphia Museum of Art





Young Mother in the Grotto, modeled in clay 1885 by Auguste Rodin, 1841-1917, French ; sculpted in marble by Jean Escoula, 1851-1911, French.  Philadelphia Museum of Art



Nimbus, alabaster, c. 1961. Jose de Creeft, born 1884 Spain, died 1992 New York. Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Washington, DC



The Virgin and Child, 1455-1460, marble in flattened relief.  Desiderio da Settignano, 1429/32-1464, active in Florence, Italy.  A work of unparalleled skill.  Philadelphia Art Museum



 Mother and Child, c. 1924, alabaster and wood frame.  Robert Laurent, born France 1890, died USA 1970.  Smithsonian Museum of American Art




Mother with a Child on her Back, 1933, carved stone.  Mardonio Margania, 1868-1947, Mexican.  Philadelphia Museum of Art.



Mother and Child, terracotta, 1956.  Elizabeth Catlett, 1915-2012, American, worked in Mexico from 1946 onwards.  Philadelphia Art Museum




Mother and Child, bronze, 1941.  Jacques Lipchitz, 1891-1973, American born Lithuania.  Philadelphia Art Museum



This story means nothing outside of the story of the numbers below.

Nor is this the only horror story:  there are the dead as the result of drones; there are those in freezing camps on the borders of Europe; there are bones – some of children – in the Mexican desert.  There is a trillion-dollar arms trade enforcing these boundaries between people. 

The  ‘Christian’ world in 2016. The Christian European and North American world, that is.

There is no room at any hotel, hostel, B&B, Air B&B, reception center or any inn of any kind for Jesus in these parts of the world because he is not a native born European or North American and was not lucky enough to have immigration papers in proper order.


4,663  human beings dead/missing – Mediterranean 2016

Updated as of 23 November 2016 by the International Organization for Migration.









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