Hillary Clinton: no. Trump: no. The impossible choice

I shall not be voting for either Republicans or Democrats in the presidential election this year.

 Donald Trump is not qualified.

Hillary Clinton has the best qualifications since Lyndon Baines Johnson.

 But people – not Americans, of course – have died on her beat.

She voted for  the 2nd Iraq war.  She did not want to be called ‘unpatriotic’ and ‘unAmerican’ even against lies.

She has said she is sorry when challenged. But not before.

Sorry?  To the million exiled and the million dead?




And then there is her lobbying for the United States to join the French-and-British led destruction of Ghadaffi’s Libya.  It was she who persuaded President Obama to join France and Britain in the bombing of Libya.  Obama said this year that the destruction of Libya is his greatest failure. 

An unknown number of dead in Libya.  Another failed state.  Migrants in their millions reaching and leaving the Libyan shore for Europe.

Libyan arms are now – along with Ghadaffi’s former mercenaries some of whom are ‘Islamic militants’ – in Algeria, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Gaza, Mali, Chad, Niger, Somalia and Sudan.   




A person who – from these endless foreign interventions to her decisions to set up her own private email server  to showing her disdain for the basic rules of her party’s processes- is careless with the ambiguities of power.  Nor has her vaunted experience  helped in this regard. 

No vote for her.  Her.  What a disappointment. 

I am with John Gower, an Englishman who in 1378 said: 

“There are 3 things of such a sort that they produce a merciless destruction when they get out of hand.  One is a flood of water.  Another is a raging fire.

 And the third is the lesser people or the common multitude:  for they will not be stopped by either reason or discipline.”




 The sculpture is called THE IMPOSSIBLE, III;  bronze, 1946. Maria Martins, 1894-1973, Brazilian.  MOMA, NY







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