Autumn 2015-28

Autumn, Winterthur, Delaware






 The Harvesters and detail, oil on wood, 1565.  Pieter Breughel, c.1525-1569, Netherlandish.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

This golden painting of the communal work of harvesting, made for a merchant and one of a cycle of paintings about the seasons, is said to mark the breaking point in the Western tradition of pictorial representation between work done with a religious theme and work which is representational of the reality as perceived by the artist at the time of the work without reference to a religious tradition.


  Notice the jug of wine kept cool among the sheaves.   Dionysos, the classical archetype of indestructible life, is prominent in autumn and winter.


Autumn colour blocks October 2015-25

 Autumn, eastern Pennsylvania




 Reaper, Picardie, and detail, c. 1910, gold chloride print on printing-out paper.  Eugene Atget, 1857-1927, French. 

Masterworks of French Photography, 1890-1950, Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, Autumn 2016





 Peasant with Hoe and detail, oil on canvas,1882.   Georges Seurat, 1859-1891.  Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NY



Haystacks in Brittany, 1890, oil on canvas.  Paul Gauguin, 1848-1903, French.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC



Autumn, Winterthur, Delaware, 2015



A Stand of Fir Trees, unknown date, oil on canvas.  Carolyn Wyeth, 1909-1994, American.  Brandywine Museum, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania



Damp Autumn, 2001-2008, oil on wood and historic frame.  Howard Hodgkin, born 1932, English.

  Promised gift to the Philadelphia Museum by Keith L. and Katharine Sachs, 2016


Mid-Autumn 2015 Winterthur Oct 22 2015-09

 Autumn, Winterthur, Delaware



 dsc00103 Farm Women at Work and detail, oil on canvas, 1882-1883.  Georges Seurat, 1856-1891, French.  Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NY



 Autumn, Delaware



 The Squirrel Hunter, 1940, oil on canvas.  Horace Pippin,  1888-1946, American.  Private collection


Winterthur November 3 2015-1

 Autumn through the branches of a Japanese Yew, Winterthur, Delaware





Haystacks:  Autumn and detail, c. 1874, oil on canvas.  Jean-Francois Millet, 1814-1875, French. Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY



 Ferns, Winterthur, Delaware



When the Hunter Sings, the Bird Takes Wing, stained and painted glass, 1991.  Judith Schaechter, Snyderman Gallery, Philadelphia



Autumn colour blocks October 2015-16

Autumn, Winterthur, Delaware 2015





 Waterlilies, Japanese Footbridge and detail, oil on canvas, 1918-1926.  Claude Monet, 1940-1926, French.  Philadelphia Museum of Art


Winterthur Oct. 9 2011 8

Autumn, Winterthur, Delaware, 2015



October, oil on canvas, 1863.  William Trost Richards, 1833-1955, 1833-1905, American.  Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Washington, DC


Autumn 2015-30

 Autumn, Mt. Cuba, Delaware




Autumn Gold and detail, 1957, oil on canvas.  Hans Hoffman, 1880-1966, American.  National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC


Mid-Autumn 2015 Winterthur Oct 22 2015-07

Autumn, Pennsylvania 2016



Adam and Eve, woodcut, 1968.  Helen Siegl, 1924-2009, born Austria.  Woodmere Museum of the Art of Philadelphia and its Region




Autumn on the Brandywine, oil on canvas, 1887.  Jasper Cropsey, 1823-1900, American.  Brandywine Museum, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania


Winterthur Autumn 2013-20

Autumn, Winterthur, Delaware, 2015


Pluto Abducting Persephone, 1530, PMA Oct. 2015-1

Pluto abducting Persephone.  Maiolica made 1525-1535 by the circle of Nicola da Urbino,  Italian, died 1537/38.

Her companions point aghast to the abyss in the earth from which Pluto emerged.  The gods are clever:  Pluto’s horses are usually black but here he has made them white. He is whispering in Persephone’s ear:  I’ll make you queen of your own kingdom.  Look at her face: she is charmed. For the moment.  The abyss is not in her line of sight.

Her mother, Demeter, the great goddess, turned the earth to waste in her grief.

After much time and anguish, Demeter reached a compromise with Pluto and Jupiter:  Persephone was to remain with Pluto in Hades for the 3 months of every year.  This is winter.

Then she would rejoin her mother on the earth’s surface. This is spring, summer and autumn.

The story is that it was Demeter who made a gift of agriculture to humans and asked Triptolemus to go out and teach the art and science of it.


Winterthur Autumn 2013-03

 Autumn, Winterthur, Delaware



 Landscape with Steer, 1936-’37,  lithograph with airbrushed lacquer additions.  Jackson Pollock, 1912-1956, American.  MOMA, NY


Autumn 2015-31

 Autumn, Winterthur, Delaware


Autumn 2015-24

Autumn, Delaware



 Spectrum V, 1969, oil on canvas.  Ellsworth Kelly, 1923-2015, American.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY



Hair-awn muhly, Mt. Cuba, Delaware, October 2016




 Birds’ Nesters, 1874 and detail, oil on canvas.  Jean-Francois Millet, 1814-1874, French.  Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Carrying flares to attract pigeons, peasants club the birds as they appear to collect them as they fall.

Painted late in the artist’s life, this imprecation to the heavens and manna from the heavens is a memory of the artist’s childhood.


Winterthur Autumn 2013-14

 Autumn, Winterthur, Delaware



 The Propitious Garden of Plane Image, 3rd Version, 2000-2006, oil on linen, 6 panels installed above an information desk at MOMA, NY, October 2016.  Brice Marden, born 1938, American.



Blue Plumbago, Winterthur, Delaware, October 2016



 Migrating Birds, 1953, oil on canvas.  Norman Lewis, 1909-1979,   American.  Collection of Halley K. Harrisburg and Michael Rosenberg.  Exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia in the autumn/winter 2015/16.



Autumn in Mt. Cuba, Delaware



 Nuts of the American Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) fall in October and are here soaking in vodka with a little honey and a vanilla pod for Christmas aperitif. 

After a libation poured out simultaneously for Demeter  with the right hand and  Dionysos with the left lest outrages launch themselves because I have disrespected one or the other.



 Ripe quince, Wintherthur, Delaware.  October 2016




Haystacks (Effect of Snow and Sun)and detail, 1891, oil on canvas. Claude Monet, 1840-1926, French.  Metropolitan Museum of Art




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