Brassai, 1931, 0f whom I have asked pardon….




Two Toughs in Big Albert’s Gang, 1931; ferrotyped gelatin silver print.  Brassai, French born Romania, 1899-1984.

Masterworks of French Photography, 1890-1950 at the Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, Autumn 2016


Brassai staged this photograph of two toughs who filched his wallet, in the end, although he had paid them for these photographic shots.  “Thievery for them,” he said and did not lodge a complaint “photographs for me.”

Self-indulgence for me.

Photos cannot be taken of this photograph standing alone given the placement of lights and of other photographs without a major disruption of this gallery.

So I settled in no time at all for a selfie for which Brassai would have forgiven me, I hope, even if the shorter of the two men is skeptical………







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