A Vodka of Rose-Scented Geranium

Rose-Scented Geranium (pelargonium), never sprayed, cut in high summer, and steeped in vodka of any kind with a little sugar for at least six months.  A pale yellow.

Even longer:  stronger, a deeper yellow.  Like a liquid, transparent gold.



The decanted liqueur has the plant’s wonderful aroma, concentrated but not too much. 

The taste is wonderful.  One variety of pelargonium is called attar of roses.  The name doubles the pleasure. 

Drink very cold after a meal like any liqueur. 

Also makes a good base for a summer drink poured over crushed ice with soda.  Very good.

Worth a year’s wait.  Even as raucous and as unfathomable a year as we have all had and are still having.


This same plant makes an equally wonderful flavoured brandy.   The difference being that more leaves are needed for steeping (stuff the bottle with leaves) in brandy and a little more sugar also.


Brandy scented geranium Summer 2015-2


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