Threadsuns – Paul Celan


Threadsuns – Paul Celan, 1920-1970, born in the Bukovina, the only survivor in his family of the Holocaust,  poet in the German language; the poet’s words can be tracked through the work of the German artist, Anselm Kiefer, born 1945.

Translated by Pierre Joris, born 1946, America/Luxembourg.




Haze, 2016, latex paint on silkscreen and acrylic on paper; Anne Schaefer, born 1979, American.  On exhibition at the Woodmere Museum of the Art of the Philadelphia Region in 2016.


Early morning light through vintage stained glass windows in the artist’s studio in Philadelphia.


above the grayblack wastes.



Double Rift IV, 2016, rolled Paintstick and silicon on paper; edition 9 of 12; Richard Serra, born 1939, American.  Philadelphia Art Museum




The Hydrogen Man, 1964, woodcut on paper; Leonard Baskin, 1922-2000, American. Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Washington, DC.

A work created shortly after the detonation of the largest nuclear bomb ever detonated by the United States:  Castle Bravo in 1964 on Bikini Atoll. 



Northern New Jersey almost at the George Washington Bridge on September 4, 2016.

A tree-



Bottle brush tree fronted by a giant palm, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2015


high thought


Autumn 2015-25

Tulip poplars in autumn, Winterthur, Delaware


grasps the light-tone: there are

still songs to sing beyond




 Between Heaven and Earth, 2006, aluminum and copper wire.  El Anatsui, born 1944, Ghanaian.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.


The artist has reproduced in metal the kente cloth woven by Ewe and Akan weavers in Ghana.






 A scene from a 5-channel video installation, The Refusal of Time, by William Kentridge,     at the Metropolitan Musum of Art, 2012.  William Kentridge, born 1955, South African.


Its subjecs were time and space, and the legacy of colonialism and the industrial revolution.


Coloscape created for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2016, by Francis Kere, architect, born Burkina Faso and based now in Berlin.  Made of parachute cord.

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