A Sigmar Polke fragment

 Among the Samoyed/Siberian Birch, and details, 1988, synthetic resin and pigment on woven polyester fabric.  Sigmar Polke, 1941-2010, German.  On loan in the summer of 2016 to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

The fragmentation of an artist’s works in many buildings on several continents, while perhaps inevitable, does no favours to this artist whose life’s work is too large and too varied to be summarized.

A photographer, painter, presenter of alternative worlds.  Sigmar Polke was born in what was then Germany and is now Poland, lived as a child in East Germany until, one day in 1953, his family, dissimulating, took the subway into West Berlin  and did not return.  The artist lived subsequently in West Germany.

Painted in a decade in which the artist was experimenting with the effect of substances on various backing,  this is the result of one such trial. 

Gold-bearing, of course, for these are forests.













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