Tiny Men

An 18th century Gujarati painting from the LalBhai Dalpatphai Musuem in Ahmedabad, Gujerat , India. 2010

Here is a second unexpected representation of a big woman and a tiny man, painted by a man also, from a different continent and culture and time of the relationship of a man and  a woman.  

Whatever the conventions in 18th century Gujerat, it is clear that Caillebotte, a skilled painter, knew about proportion and perspective.  His tiny man, not the only one he painted, remains mysterious.






The Orator, 1939, oil on canvas.  Antonio Ruiz, 1892-1964, Mexican.  Private collection on display in 2016 at the Philadelphia Art Museum. 

The artist prepared this for the International Exhibition of Surrealist Paintings in Mexico City in 1940.  He is mocking the empty oration of orators speaking to people who understand little.



 Gustave Caillebotte’s Woman Reading.  Oil on canvas, 1880.  Gustave Caillebotte, 1848-1894, French. 2009


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