Second Sunday in Advent: Elizabeth Catlett



Mother and Child; Elizabeth Catlett, 1915-2012, American sculptor and printer.   Terracotta, 1956.  Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

The artist, an African American, left the United States in 1946 to escape from racism.  Though  she lived and worked in Mexico for the rest of her life and was much influenced by Mexican artists on the left of the political spectrum, she continued to receive major commissions and acclaim in the US.  She was a mistress of both figural and abstract representation.  She is considered among the foremost African-American artists of her time.  Her focus was on the lives of working class people and on women.


 The three images below are from Wikimedia Commons and I do not know the dates of the first two.  The last image, also from Wikimedia Commons, is identical to a Mother and Child created in black marble in 1980 in the collection of Camille  O. and William H. Cosby, Jr. included in Conversations: African and African-American Arts in Dialogue, an exhibition at the National Museum of African Art, Washington, DC until January 24, 2016.




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