Hobbit Preserve

Built out of a tulip poplar for hobbits at Winterthur in Delaware.  

The witch’s hat of a thatched roof is to warn off witches.  There is a window high up which offers a perch to birds.

 Tulip poplar house, Winterthur,-1

Tulip poplar house, Winterthur,-3

There are also a little table and chairs outside for convivialities.

And a diminutive great house with stone walls and beams.  The glass window is in the shape of an oak.  Oaks are sacred to hobbits and very important in England, their ancestral homeland.

Tulip poplar house, Winterthur,-2


Hobbit House October 22 2015-8

Hobbit House October 22 2015-7


Hobbit House October 22 2015-6

The hobbits’ rituals take place among a circle of stones placed around a red oak tree.  These stones are far bigger than any hobbit, and very heavy.  No-one remembers how they came to be positioned there.  The stones are camouflaged because they are sacred to the hobbits.

This weekend is a big ritual weekend because witches are flaunting themselves shamelessly this weekend; and hobbits don’t like witches.

    Hobbits Stonehenge October 2015-4 Hobbits Stonehenge October 2015-3   

Hobbits Stonehenge October 2015-1


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