Warm Nights and Red Hot Days

It is still night and the last day of August.

Warm night and unusually still.   The kind of night which I love.

We thought the days were cooling a little; but we are deceived.  It is cooler in the early morning than it was in late July and early August.  And then noon, afternoons are red hot.

Two years ago in the summer we began to see ants in our kitchens.   Never saw them before.  One summer ago, there were more ants.  This year, many,  many more.  Conversations between neighbours about the most effective way of dealing with ants.  I have settled on endless scrubbing with ordinary floor soap and water and vinegar scrubs of my countertop.

Global warming people are saying.

The featured image is from 1912:  Portrait painted by Alexej von Jawlensky,  1864-1941, Russian Expressionist active in Germany. Philadelphia Musuem of Art.

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