Constantin Brancusi on a hot day 2

I ran to the Museum to get away from the humidity.


The room in which Constantin Brancusi’s sculptures are displayed is very high-ceilinged and painted all white with high, semicircular arches like a Romanesque church.  The sculptures are arranged in alcoves like objects of veneration.  At the far end, Brancusi’s Birds in Space stretch upwards.


There are usually no guards in this room:  they are next door on the left with the Cy Twombly scribble-scribble triptych which they are protecting from the additional scribbles of rightly provoked visitors.  Or they are in the Marcel Duchamp rooms on the right where one day I watched a man from New York dressed all in black put his index finger to his lips to warn against snitching and spin the circular bottle rack.


I restrained myself from placing the palms of my hands on these cool Brancusi bowed heads.   You want to lean against The Three Penguins in their Antarctic cold; and hug The Kiss ; and soar with The Bird(s) in Space.  Away, away from this heat and humidity.

Brancusi, August 2015, PMA-01

Brancusi, August 2015, PMA-12Brancusi, August 2015, PMA-10DSC09729

Brancusi, August 2015, PMA-15Brancusi, August 2015, PMA-05Brancusi, August 2015, PMA-22

Brancusi, August 2015, PMA-04Brancusi, August 2015, PMA-07Brancusi, August 2015, PMA-02

Brancusi, August 2015, PMA-18


Constantin Brancusi, Romanian, 1876 – 1957,  The Philadelphia Museum of Art

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