Orange Brandy for the New Year


This recipe was provided by a Swedish neighbor who said that it is traditional in Sweden.  I use it to moisten the fruit cakes and minces of Christmas; and gift the liqueur at the New Year.

The brandy does best if it has had at least three months to sit with its flavouring and the more months the better.  The brandy can be endlessly refreshed by adding the three basic ingredients as the brandy evaporates.

Decant a bottle of cheap brandy – I use the 25 florid ounce bottle – into a clean, dry closeable glass container up to just below two-thirds mark.

Add as many skins of organic oranges as you can get into the container. No pith.  No flesh.

Add three heaped tablespoons of either white or brown sugar.

Add one vanilla pod, slit open along its length.

Optionally, add two or three two-inch chunks of ginger, preferably organic.

Shake periodically over the next few days to disperse the sugar.

Leave until ready to decant in late December out of direct sunlight but somewhere where you can enjoy its medieval amber colour.


Orange Brandy for Bill & Glen December 2012-1

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