High Summer

The great flashy flowers and bushes and trees have almost all gone to seed.  One exception is the red, pink and white crape myrtles.  They are buzzing with bees.

What remain are more modest: perennials, which died in large numbers in the  strange winter just past, have come back in strength as though to compensate.  And annuals, many fragrant.

And the dense, impenetrable army of corn stalks, 10 foot high.   White  and bi-colour corn, sweet, succulent.


Annuals (flowers which are annuals on the east coast of the US)

Annuals mid-Atlantic 2015-01 Annuals mid-Atlantic 2015-02 Annuals mid-Atlantic 2015-04 Annuals mid-Atlantic 2015-05 Annuals mid-Atlantic 2015-07 Annuals mid-Atlantic 2015-08 Annuals mid-Atlantic 2015-09 Annuals mid-Atlantic 2015-10 Annuals mid-Atlantic 2015-11 Annuals mid-Atlantic 2015-12

Perennials 2015-03 Perennials 2015-02 Perennials 2015-01Annuals mid-Atlantic 2015-03

Perennials 2015-25Perennials 2015-24


Perennials 2015-22Perennials 2015-28

Perennials 2015-21 Perennials 2015-20 Perennials 2015-26 Perennials 2015-06

Perennials 2015-19 Perennials 2015-14 Perennials 2015-15 Perennials 2015-16Sunflower, Warrington. June 2015-1 Roses Brooklyn Botanical Garden June 2015-130

Perennials 2015-12 Perennials 2015-27

Perennials 2015-11 Perennials 2015-10 Perennials 2015-09 Perennials 2015-08


Heart-shaped coleus

Perennials 2015-31Perennials 2015-30 Perennials 2015-29


Sweet corn

SCorn fields Delaware 2015-11  Corn fields Delaware 2015-01

Corn fields Delaware 2015-02   Corn fields Delaware 2015-09  Corn fields Delaware 2015-07

Corn fields Delaware 2015-10   Corn fields Delaware 2015-08

Corn fields Delaware 2015-06   Corn fields Delaware 2015-05

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