Blackberry Whiskey

Blackberry Whiskey adapted from a British recipe.  Easy to make but a year’s wait to taste…..

The recipe radically and deliciously alters the taste of all three constituents.

We eat the blackberries over ice-cream and drink the whiskey in cordial glasses so as not to become mad, like the Bacchantes, because, when the concoction is transformed, you forget this is whiskey.      

                                            Blackberry Whiskey

Fill up a clean glass jar with blackberries up to the two-thirds mark

Pour in white sugar up to the half mark

Pour in whiskey (the cheapest) up to the rim

Close the jar tight.  Shake for a few days until the sugar is dissolved.

Store in a dark and cool place for a year.

        Blackberry Whiskey 2015-3                    Blackberry whiskey 2012 2013-1

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