The Whitney, New York

The Whitney Musuem of  (North) American Art, New York  (the building).

Renzo Piano’s new building for the Whitney opened in May 2015.

At the southern end of the High Line, in the MeatPacking district of Manhattan, it sits on the Hudson River. Made of a steel frame sheathed in steel panels, there are eight floors of which six are very long, open exhibition spaces.  There are no columns to obstruct anything which means that the internal supports of this building are creative. The ceiling fittings make it easy to install art and divide exhibition space.  The building has world class protection from flooding.

There are four open-air terraces linked by an outside stairway. And on the fifth floor inside on either end of the exhibition space there are comfortable couches with their backs to the art the width of the building for people to rest.  Their floor to ceiling windows look into the real world.  The elevators are intimately small and deliver you directly to the galleries.

The ground floor is in both light and shade and very inviting.  At one end is a restaurant and at the other a store and you can see from one end to the other.  An exhibition space on the ground floor is free of charge to enter.

Its founding exhibition, America Is Difficult To See (from Robert Lowell imagining the words of Chrstopher Columbus on approaching the American continent)  displays holdings of the museum from 1900 to the present. The exhibition maps large themes in (North) American Art and promises all kinds of  enlivening propositions to come.

The featured image is a print of Anne Collier’s (born 1970) called Woman with a Camera (The Last Sitting, Bert Stern), 2009.

Whitney 2-1    Whitney 2-2Whitney Summer 2015-61   Whitney 2-3  Whitney Summer 2015-45   Whitney Summer 2015-51

Whitney Summer 2015-29   Whitney Summer 2015-02

Whitney 2-4    Whitney Summer 2015-18

Whitney Summer 2015-43  Whitney 1-4

Whitney Summer 2015-46   Whitney Summer 2015-26

Whitney Summer 2015-38   Whitney Summer 2015-42

Whitney Summer 2015-39   Whitney Summer 2015-07

Whitney Summer 2015-28   Whitney Summer 2015-19

Whitney Summer 2015-21    Whitney Summer 2015-09

Whitney 3-3      Whitney 3-1

Whitney 1-1  Whitney 1-2

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  1. Wonderful photos of the Witney. I’ve never been there but these make me want to go next time I’m in The States.

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