Brandy of Scented Geranium

Scented geranium (pelargonium) brandy

We found a scented geranium in the garden one year.  It had very fragrant leaves.  We flavoured brandy with them.

We have refreshed this same bottle three times in 15 years without completely draining it.  It contains three  summers.

         Brandy scented geranium Summer 2015-1                                      Brandy scented geranium Summer 2015-2

For 1.5 liters of brandy (the cheapest)

Stuff geranium leaves (which have not been sprayed) into a clean bottle to a third or a half of the height of the bottle.

Pour in the brandy – the cheapest – to an inch or two of the top.

Add up to a cup of white sugar (or to taste) and shake the bottle periodically until the sugar is dissolved.

Insert a vanilla bean which has been split along its length.

Store for as long as you like but at least two months before drinking.

Sometimes I use fresh or dried lavender flowers instead of scented geranium.  I prefer the scented geranium because it is more delicate.

I use such brandy also to make minced meat, fruit cake and plum pudding at Christmas.


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