Dissonance: A spiritual sickness

The casket of slain pastor and State Senator Clementa Pinckney passing the Confederate Flag in Columbia South Carolina

attribution: Victor Blackwell

On June 24, 2015, the casket of State Senator Clementa Pinckney was taken to the state legislature in Columbia, South Carolina to lie in state.  Nobody had the decency to take down the the Confederate flag as his bier was drawn past.

We could ask what kind of madness is this?  The answer is that it is the American race madness: prejudice without end.

The Senator was 23 when first elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives.  He was not much older when he was elected senator.  Numerous have been the people who have spoken of the effect he had on their lives.   We all know how difficult it is  to evolve the qualities of leadership he had.

Felled in a moment. I know many who see no end to this kind of carnage especially in the face of extraordinary denials of the blatancy of this act of murderous racism on the part of  some of our benighted politicians.

Requiescant.  All nine who were killed for no reason but prejudice.


The featured image is a painting in oil on canvas made in 1943 by the African-American painter, Horace Pippin.  It belongs to the Philadelphia Musuem of Art.  He called it Mr. Prejudice.

In this image, the artist depicts the effects of racism.  The figure at the top is Mr. Prejudice.  The ‘V’ is the Victory of the Allies in WW2 in which the artist fought and was wounded in the arm. The wounded artist is depicted in this painting.   Blacks and whites are segregated.  Three black soldiers confront their hostile white counterparts, as a black and a white machinist turn their backs to perform identical tasks. A member of the Klu Klux Klan is visible.  A white man in a red shirt holds a noose and looks  with hatred at an African-American Statue of Liberty.  Another white man is vengefully  hammering the ‘V’ in half.

This was 1943.  I have heard people say that we have gone right back to this.

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