Samode, Rajasthan, India

Samode, Rajasthan, India.

Hospitality quarters of a large, three-storied haveli  in Samode, a village in the Aravalli hills.  The haveli, now a heritage hotel, belongs to the former rulers of Samode.  These rooms are kept darkened against sun damage and so the colours are a little distorted. These rooms form a balcony over the former durbar room, now a winter dining room.

Mirror work, fine plaster of Paris sculpting, enamel work, floral cartouches on the walls with paintings of Krishna, Siva, and their wives; of the hunt and of birds;  marble columns and floors; a representation of Krishna in glass set in marble. Two of the balconies are painted and stenciled primarily in powder blue and white.

DSC00798     DSC00806

DSC00795 DSC00767 DSC00758

DSC00690_edited DSC00693_edited DSC00678_edited

DSC00705  DSC00680_edited DSC00707_edited          DSC00696_edited

DSC00652_edited DSC00716

DSC00753_edited       DSC00752_edited      DSC00683_editedDSC00687_edited

DSC00657_editedDSC00655_edited DSC00659_edited


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