Dissonance: Where has our democracy gone?

I solicited the opinion of the White Lady – the one who lives in the garden of a house in West Shokan, NY – on the Hillary Clinton poster up in the window of a neighbor. Who, I asked, is the fairer of the two of you?  Tell me.

The White Lady smirked and said nothing.

B0021902     Hillary Clinton election poster 6th Street Philadelphia June 2015-1

The featured image is made up of two representations:  that of Ronald Reagan is an offset lithograph dating from 1987 by Donald Moffit.  It is called He Kills Me, a title that refers to Ronald Reagan’s non-action on the AIDS epidemic.

Underneath is Barbara Kruger’s photoscreen print on vinyl. Untitled (We don’t need another hero).  It is also from 1987.

Both are in the Whitney Musuem of (North) American art, New York.

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